Biologística Headquarters

The headquarter’s Biologística is set in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, and has branches, offices, and sites in the main cities in Brazil, providing our operations the essential coverage of the entire national territory.

Hundreds of workers distributed strategically in a continental country guarantee the wide performance and easygoing to our clients.


We offer clients access to the System of Operations and Logistics (SOL), a monitoring tool available 24x7, consolidating information of all shipments.

With your login/password, all you have to do is access the “SYSTEMS” tab on the menu and check the status of your shipments at any moment.


Via the system of door-to-door delivery, Biologística has infrastructure required to serve clients and input suppliers, in addition to managing the entirety of the process of packaging, storing kits, preparation of the material, and distribution to its final destination.

Assuming complete logistics of our clients, we allow them to dedicate themselves to their main activity, freeing them of the monitoring of their sample transportation, without dispersing attention, effort, and investments in activities that do not constitute the focus of their business.


The entire vehicles are periodically inspected by Municipal Visas, ensuring strict compliance with the regulating norms of the transport of biological substances.

Note: VISA is the portion of brazilian’s state police powers, designed to protect and promote health, which main purpose to prevent human health against exposed risks.